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Xiom Zeta Rubber

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Speed: 15
Spin on Hard Impact: 11
Spin on Soft Impact: 9
Hardness: hard
Type: tension pips-in


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Sản phẩm Mặt vợt Xiom-Xiom Zeta Rubber

- XIOM ZETA Rubber (Asian Version
- Unique customization for Chinese professionals of the next generation of breakthrough technology.
- TENSOR BIOS technology created a theoretical maximum tension inside of ZETA.
- The advantage of Chinese method to boost the tension in the extremely hard rubber with a series speed gluing will continue with this new technology - Now without messy speed glues.
- Customized top sheet will greatly improve the winning chance in the Chinese style. - Amazing power generated from the hard sponge and special top sheet, both under built-in tension will dominate the Chinese table tennis.
- Dream combination of extreme power and superb control without speed glue.
- Breakthrough technology developed for Chinese top professionals in new era.
- Organic Solvent in the liquid speed glue creates a high level of tension inside the rubber for a limited time.
- The solvent gas of speed glue fills up the micro molecules of sponge.
- The elasticity of the rubber eventually increases because of this mechanism. The phenomenon is generally called speed glue effect.
- TENSOR BIOS technology not only creates the same effect inside of the rubber without the liquid speed glue, but its built-in elasticity exceeds the tension generated by heavy speed gluing.
- The speed of table tennis will change with the revolutionized technology. The speed will be faster. - ITTF Approved