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Vega Euro

0 Giá: 800.000 đ

The first impression: The high quality rubber, 2.0mm thickness, sponge is black color and air sponge technology. This is a medium hard rubber and few degrees softer compare with T64. The uncut rubber weight 61grs, and 43.5grs cut onto DHS Hurricane King 655.

Some result after an hour practice against robot:
Rubber to compare: Tenergy 64, red 2.1mm and Xiom Asia, red 2.1mm
Service: both produced very good spin when serve, ball is low for just over the net, Xiom Asia is little more spin on this category.
Speed: Tenergy64 is a bit faster than Xiom Asia but maybe 2.1mm against 2.0mm. Xiom Asia 2.2mm maybe same speed as T64 2.1mm but I am looking for BH rubber and 2.0mm is fast enough for BH close to table attack.
Control: Both rubber are unforgiving rubbers because they are fast. They need time to get used to the rubbers performance.
Push: I can get more spin out of Xiom Asia than T64 because Asia sponge is softer compare to T64
Flip: both of them are very good, but i need to do some practice to control ball placement.
Block: both are very easy to block the incoming ball, Xiom Asia return ball a bit higher compare to T64.
Slow Loop: Both rubbers is ok to lift the heavy spin but will not be as easy as Hurricane 3.
Loop Drive: Both are very good, easy to loop drive the ball but will need time to practice for ball placement.
Loop Kill: Both are best in this category because they are fast and low arc rubbers.
Smash: Both are the best in this category.


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So với các dòng Vega khác thì bàn vega euro mềm hơn các loại Vega khác. Tốc độ chậm hơn Vega asia