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I went to the club today with the main setup, Hurricane King 655 blade, BW3 black on the FH, and Xiom Vega Asia 2.0mm on the BH.  I played about 45 minutes to get warmed-up and did some test to see how the rubber performed before the actual match. I kept turning the rubber to FH and BH to do all kinds of blocks, counter loops and loop drives. Vega Asia did settle down after two days of glueing.  Here is my impression after 3 hours of play Xiom Vega Asia.

When I used Vega Asia on my FH:  The rubber is fast, it was faster than BW3 and it was easier to create spins, good service, good controls (needs sometime to adjust if you never play Tenergy or some other fast rubbers before.)  It has good ball control but it is not great.

When I used Vega Asia on the BH:  I would mention that in the last couple of months I played with different rubbers on the BH,  like- T64, T05, Hexer, Baracuda, Revo Fire, Vega Pro, Tibhar Genius, Juic Air Condle and now with Xiom Vega Asia.  I have to give it two thumbs up to Vega Asia after today.  The rubber performed very well and it met all my expectations.

Push:  I got ball the over the table for the first couple of times but after adjusting the blade force, the  ball was low and full of spin, and that gave my opponent a hard time to loop over my push. A lot of balls ended up in the net.

Loop:  top sheet has enough grips to hold the ball for loop with very good amount of spin.  Ball curve is medium to low arc with good speed.

Ball control:  good but not great because of the fast rubber.

Block:  the rubber returned opponent’s loop drive with a deadly low and fast ball.

Service:  ball is low and is loaded with spins.

Flip:  need to close blade angle a bit to keep the ball from going over the table end.

Smash:  sponge gave a strong ball catapult when smashing the ball.


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