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Maplewood NCT VII

0 Giá: 2.600.000 đ

Maplewood NCT VII là một vợt với 7 lớp gỗ với tiềm năng tấn công vốn có đó là rất tốt phù hợp với người chơi có tay nghề cao. Độc đáo, gỗ được chọn được lựa chọn. Maplewood NCT VII có một quỹ đạo dài xuất sắc khi đánh bóng xoáy lên, và các cầu thủ giàu kinh nghiệm sẽ yêu thích cảm giác của vợt.


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Sản phẩm Cốt vợt Stiga-Maplewood NCT VII


The Maplewood NCT VII is a 7-ply blade with inherent offensive potential that is very well suited to highly skilled players. Unique, hand-selected woods are selected and the blade is very well-balanced. Maplewood NCT VII has an outstanding long trajectory when hitting spinny balls, and experienced players will love the feeling that the blade responds perfectly to the mental flow of the game.

Jiwei Xia of California, Beat Long-Time US Champion Yiyong Fan at his first US debut last November in Portland. And he was using one of my Maplewood NCT 7 FL Legends. Its powerful, for sure. Yet Control isnt that bad like the other review reads - just put good rubbers on it.

great blade but its very very fast and bouncy and low dwell time so you will need to work with this blade for a while in order to tame this beast and it has a decent control as well