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Sản phẩm Mặt vợt bóng bàn-SPINLORD TIGER

SpinLord “TIGER” is the optimum rubber for a powerful offensive game with unbelievably high control that will significantly reduce your own percentage of errors.

You can play the first serve passively and then suddenly and unexpectedly attack- the potential possibilities in play are much more diverse than those with customary offensive rubbers. The “ Tiger” is not tacky:

It has a very good feel and is very elastic- the sponge is medium hard. Thus, TIGER  is the optimum rubber for the table tennis of the future without using speed gluing.

TIGER is a classic, medium-fast offensive rubber with no built-in speed glue effect. The top sheet is very thin and the inward dimples very long. Thus, the spin Lord Tiger is more elastic than conventional rubbers and can create a lot of rotation in spite of the non-tacky rubber surface.
The medium-hard sponge (hardness approx 43) acts in a passive game easy fast absorbing and makes the tiger so despite the overall offensive tempo very controlled.
has so far We the Macedonians Max Attack and the Stag Explosive recommended as alternatives to Sriver. 

TIGER is superior in every single point of the two surfaces: it is elastic, at the same rate controlled and effet stronger, more durable, lighter and offers a perfect and uniform processing quality.
TIGER is for all stroke types equally well applicable. Ideally suited to 1.5 mm for a variable allround game. In 1.8 and 2.0 mm for the controlled offensive game with speed reserves in max. . the powerful offensive of high control