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Speed 10,Spin 9,Control 8, Sponge 2.1mm

Hardness: 38 (soft)


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Sản phẩm Mặt vợt bóng bàn-SPINLORD IRBIS

 The SpinLord Irbis is the first fast offensive rubber, of a strong built-in speed glue effect without offering "factory tuning" in the lowest price category. Irbis combines a medium hard and very tacky, but not sticky, rubber cover with a soft sponge (hardness approximately 38 degrees). The best of the Irbis is therefore for players who play for an impressive topspin also from half-distance. SpinLord Irbis not only allows strokes with heavy spin, but also has the mistake forgiving nature.

The SpinLOrd “Irbis” (German word for snow leopard) is a revolutionnary new rubber for an aggressive offensive game.

With this rubber you can play a faster and more dangerous game than your opponent but nevertheless with better control. A very tacky, but not sticky, surface and a soft sponge impart in play an astonishing  fell with along ball contact time wich is vastly superior to that of other products.


The spin Lord Irbis is the first fast offensive rubber which offers a powerful built-in speed glue effect without “factory tuning” in the lowest price category. A copy of German Tensorbeläge is the Irbis still not, this is playful too independent.
, the Irbis combines a medium hard and very tacky, but not sticky, rubber surface with a soft sponge (hardness about 38 degrees).
As with the marten surfaces is the rubber cover is very thin and the inward dimples very long. This increases the flexibility and suitability for a European game with long arm movements.
Irbis is the best so for players who play a punchy topspin also from half-distance. For players with a table near direct offensive play, however, this coating may be too soft.
The pace of this coating does not quite reach the speed of the fastest German and Japanese linings, which is also a question of interpretation softer. However, compared with German and Japanese plates of the same degree of hardness, the Irbis can compete very well (though at least the Stag Gen 2 is faster), consider the Irbis is these deposits at the swerve and control values.
The spin Lord Irbis not only allows blows with much rotation, but also plays very good-natured and forgiving.