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Sản phẩm Cốt vợt bóng bàn-SPINLORD ULTRA ARAMID

The spin Lord aramid Ultra is an all wood veneer with a core of about 5 mm thick balsa. Even the handles are made ​​of solid balsa. Stabilizes the construction of two deposits of aramid synthetic fiber as inner veneers. The outer veneers are made ​​of Koto. 
Balsasorte The used is a very rare and extremely light, which is not available to most other manufacturers.This explains the extremely low weight of the timber. 
aramid This gives the wood still a high resistance to breakage. In addition, the optimum results is decisively larger area than traditional wood, the wood thus gaining noticeable to control. 
The clubface has a size of approximately 155 x 152 mm. The ball stop is medium hard and elastic. The wood is not even grip heavy top-heavy, you just would feel no weight in the hand. However, the weight distribution in combination with heavy coverings is of course top-heavy, so we advise rather lighter coverings for this wood to achieve a balance. 
This wood is absolutely ideal for players with long pimples, because it allows a very high section reverse and absorbs mainly it in the passive play so extreme off like no other wood. 
The offensive game is still a very good penetrating power available. 
Playing this wood is most likely with the (no longer offered) JZ Xcalibur 5.0 comparable, but it has much more control and Total is playing a lot better, though just not as robust. 
Upon request, the timber can also be selected slightly faster or slower, which range from all-up All +. 
The high price is otherwise still very moderate. Therefore, there is neither discounts nor test timbers. This is no wood for the “masses” but a luxury product that is unique in weight and playability. 

Please note: This timber should not with long pimples without sponge (ox) due to the dark deck Furnieres be combined in red

  • 5 (3 +2) veneers, Koto outer veneer, balsa veneer interior
  • Total thickness of about 6.9 mm
  • Available handle forms: concave, straight or anatomically. Available in straight only slower triage!
  • Perfect processing

Technical Features: ALL+  Blade

  • Speed: 7
  • Control: 9.5
  • Weight: 60 grs
  • Handle type: AN/ ST