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Sản phẩm Cốt vợt bóng bàn-SPINLORD RD1

RD1 with the Lord presents a modern spin round blade set in a top quality. Playful and regarding the processing of the RD1 is absolutely the best that is possible. Only the look is more casual, but still very elegant. 
The pace of the wood is in the mid to controlled allround. The ball stop is rather soft, the wood has medium resilience. 
Compared to the ultra-round, there are some important differences. Handles are a bit stronger and longer and therefore optimal for medium – suitable strong hands   
, the weight distribution is a little hand-heavy than the Ultra round although the size of the face is equal to approximately 155 x 152mm. 
Spin Lord RD1 is particularly strong in combination with long and short naps, it allows for greater spin reversal (disturbance). For powerful play more defensive allrounder with knob-rubbers that RD1 is also a very good choice. 
ÜR children and competition entry is not likely to recommend this wood. 
, the RD1 consists of five veneers. 
The outer veneers are made ​​of Fineline, the core veneer ayous ., and the inner veneers are made ​​from acacia 
Please note: This wood is not used with long pimples without sponge (ox) due to the dark deck Furnieres be combined in red.

  • new 2013 version – even better for players with long and short pimples
  • available in concave, anatomical and just
  • perfect processing
  • not an OEM product – exclusive spin Lord self-development!

Technical Features:

  • Speed:  6
  • Control: 9.5
  • Weight: 88 grs
  • Handle type: AN/ ST