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Japanese interpretation of Renanos

RENANOSBRIGHT appearanceThe top seat which has strengthened the speed performance
"RENANOS" which opened the new world of "IE rubber" by the grip power to the ball.
The rubber which has a base at the "RENANOS" and has strengthened the speed performance more is "RENANOSBRIGHT".
The new "IE rubber" NITTAKU produced invents the creative play full of speed.

The sponge a play style can choose
The sponge which raised the rubber substitute ratio shows its wonderful power.
And SOFT type for HARD type for the player who asks powerful play and the player who emphasizes stability and 2 sponges were prepared.
You'd get a further potential by choosing a sponge which matches a play style.



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Sản phẩm Mặt vợt bóng bàn-RENANOS BRIGHT SOFT

 It's offensive.

 -thickness-:(middle) (middle-thick) (thick) (super-thick) 
 Spin :11.0 speed :12.0
 Seat color :20 red 71 black
 SOFT sponge