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0 Giá: 2.500.000 đ

 VIOLIN FL VIOLIN  Size: Full length 256 x width 149 (mm) * A grip: Length 100 x -thickness-22 (mm) * Wood 5 plywood * Board (thick) :5.3mm * Weight: 88 grams (4 grams of+-) * Speed :10.5 Control :8.5 MADE IN JAPAN. [Utilization of the manufacturing technology of strings] It'll be the life the wavelength of the sound transmitted to the material (wood) is received built with the good strings, and it has the good tone quality and how to make the quiver last long. The fibrous decision to which communication of vibration is handed down obediently (Vibration isn't twisted.) and selection of the hardness matter which makes vibration last long (the endurance of the sound) are an important point. To make the pleasant ring the player who pays special attention to selection of the material and uses tastes at the moment of impact bear, VIOLIN and a ACOUSTIC racket made glue permeate to the depth inside the woody vessel. Ill-balance of the hardness of the material is lost, and a sweet spot is expanded as well as repulsive force of impact has been raised. The strings, please be satisfied with a playing sense. MA LONG (CHINA) Horse dragon ( (middle) country) '05 Volkswagen open Ogimura cup About a male AA battery. '04 world junior tournament Male single victory, male doubles and 2nd place of mixed doubles Use racket :VIOLIN FL Use rubber: I face back REFOMA


Basically this is one of the nicest feeling blades on the market with a classic feeling ,not cheap but all quality when you actually grip the blade.

Nittaku make quality blades and the violin blade is a classic



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Sản phẩm Cốt vợt thẳng-Violin

 Speed: 10.5
Control: 8.5
Ply: 5 wood/kevlar
Weight: 85g ± 
Thickness: 5.2mm ±

- Nittaku Violin blade (OFF)
- Fitted play: offensive, drives