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0 Giá: 2.250.000 đ

Though it's hard, it's a racket with strong "bending" of elasticity.
A ball is grasped tightly, so it's possible to propose a powerful ball


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Sản phẩm Cốt vợt thẳng-FERUKU


■ Size: Full length 256 x width 150 (mm)
■ Grip :FL
Length 100 x -thickness- 24 (mm)
■ 3 plywood
■ Board (thick) :6.5mm
■ Weight: 82 grams (±)
■ Speed :11.5
Control :8.5
□ Kevlar speed 2 use

More elasticity was improved by changing Kevlar's processing method.
A blade of the very high elasticity shows its power in the non Grew age