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Super Special_phiên bản 2015

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 Super Special (phiên bản 2015)

Với tên gọi của mình "Siêu đặt biệt" giúp khẳng định tên tuổi của mình trong trường phái chơi gai. Super Special giúp người chơi đảo chiều mạnh mẽ. Có độ lắc lư vượt trội trong tất cả mặt vợt của Hallmark.


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Sản phẩm Mặt vợt gai Hallmark-Super Special_phiên bản 2015

- Hallmark Super Special Extra. 0.0/1.0mm.    new
Long pimpled rubber with frictionless surface. The extra broad pimples make Super Special Extra very easy to use especially in attacking and blocking. Good spin reversal. Wobbling balls are produced due to the thin rubber base. For the long pimple player who also wants to attack with the pimples. Only in red. Vui lòng click vào đây để xem thông tin Hallmark super special extra

Hallmark Super Special. 0.0/1.0mm.    new
Long pimpled rubber with absolutely frictionless surface. Very strong spin reversal when blocking close to the table. Excellent on service receive. Used in the Swedish National Junior Team. Only in red where the spin reversal is strongest.
Dr. Neubauer Super Block. 0.0 /1.0 mm.
Almost max length, broad, very densely packed pimples with absolutely frictionless surface. Very good spin reversal. Ideal for receiving serves and close to the table blocking and rolling. Especially good for blocking short. Excellent against players with a powerful topspin attack. The BH-rubber (ox. red) of Herbert Neubauer when he became World Champion in Mens 60 in Japan in June 2004. The French Cadet champion Marine Zanardi also uses Super Block. Supplied with glue sheet.