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Rasant beat

0 Giá: 850.000 đ

Sản phẩm mới nhất của Andro được tung ra thị trường vào tháng 5/2015.

Speed 8.9,Spin 9.4,Control 9.4 Medium soft. Sản phẩm này không còn sản xuất nữa nay thay thế bằng https://dungbongban.com/andro-mat-vot-rasanter-r37-p16387.html


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Sản phẩm Mặt vợt-Rasant beat

By andro Rapidly beat a new alternative for the topspin oriented offensive player, the soft coverings is preferable been added. Similar to the already andro Rapidly Rapidly grip and power grip pads has the Rapidly beat a high-grip rubber surface for more spin and promises even more spin than the Rapidly Power Sponge. But above all, the high control and fault tolerance are among the strengths of this covering. The product specification: Now knallt's louder! Full of sound, which is fun. The new andro Rubber Rapidly Beat the Beat Box under the soft pads! In addition to the rich sound of andro Rapidly Beat has a high potential for true monster spins! And with very large fault tolerance, allowing more balls reach their goal! The ultra-soft sponge caused a longer ball contact time, the upper rubber grips the ball and compensates for slight inaccuracies better. The specially tailored to the sponge spaced knobs to optimize the feel and makes it very easy to make the most of the RASANT BEAT. Expected Available end of April! For andro Rapidly Beat it goes