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Hexer Powersponge

Giá: 810.000 đ
Giá KM: 770.000 đ

Mặt vợt có tốc độ kiểm soát cao nhất trong dòng hexer. Mặt vợt khi tiếp xúc luôn tạo ra âm thanh to để uy hiếp đối phương. Đây là mặt vợt không thể bỏ qua với những người thích cảm giác. Hexer Powersponge luôn được mọi người chọn lựa bên mặt trái, vì tính ổn định cao, phòng thủ cảm giác khá tốt cho những pha bóng chặn đẩy kiểm soát tốt. Bóng qua đối phương cũng rất khó chịu. Đây là đặc tính mà nhiều người chọn Hexer Powersponge. Hiện tại có mặt Andro hexer được mọi người dùng bên phải, Hexer Powersponge thì dùng bên trái. Thông tin của mặt andro hexer xem tại mặt vợt andro hexer

Speed 8.4 Spin 8.9 Control 8.9 Medium soft


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Sản phẩm Mặt vợt-Hexer Powersponge

I've used it for 2 sessions. Blade is TBS.

Sheet is a bit lighter than Vega Euro and Baracuda. Not sure it's lighter than Boost TC or Roundell Soft. Probably in between these and Vega Euro. Sponge is significantly softer than Vega Euro and also TC.

Throw is a bit lower than Baracuda and T05. Higher than Boost TC. Can be classifier Med+.

Spin on slow strokes is nice. May be just a bit lower than Baracuda, Also lower than T05. One of the easiest for openers/lifting pushes. Decent for serving and pushing. Spin is something like Sriver and Mark V here. Better spin with higher toss on serves due to softer sponge.

Looping is a breeze. Feel is great. Spin is very very nice Maybe just a bit lower arc than Baracuda and quite similiar. Accuracy and consistency is top notch. Best spin achieved during medium to medium high paced shots. Not a power looper rubber since it gets close bottoming. Sound is also very good. Starts "clicking" right away. Glue feel is quite similiar to med-soft Tensors.

Overall speed is quite similiar to Baracuda. Maybe a bit faster during slower strokes due to more bouncy nature.

Blocking is very very good. With a stiff fastish blade like TBS, many winners can be achieved.

I can say it's amazingly easy rubber to play with. Anyone looking for a soft (not extreme like Big Slams) grippy rubber this may be the answer. Sound and feel really adds some joy when using this rubber. Controlled loopers will probably love it. But don't be fooled by the name. It's not a more powerful version of the regular Hexer.