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Andro Temper Tech OFF

Giá: 1.400.000 đ
Giá KM: Liên hệ

The strong Kiri-wood centre ply leads to an optimum of power-strokes, while flexible outer plies create perfect conditions for gently topspin strokes. A classic offensive wood, for all players, who have their strengths in topspin.

Weight: approx. 80 g


OFF Speed Control Rigidity
95 94 98


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Sản phẩm Cốt vợt-Andro Temper Tech OFF

What is Temper Tech?

The revolutionary manufacturing technology is the key to a blade series with a never known combination of outstanding playing characteristics. Within this process theTemper Tech veneeers are header to 150°-230°C for a certain period. During this production step, the humidity of the wood disappears permanently. As a result the wood becomes considerably harder, more stable and lighter. After the tempered treatment, the wood does not abosrb humidity any more so that a negative influence on playing characteriscs can be avoided. Certain types of wood which were non-applicable for table tennis veneers in their natural condition until today are now enriching the marterial selection in the manufacturing process. Due to the tempering treatment those woods are converted to suitable raw materials.