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Adidas C300 OFF

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Size: 152 x 157mm blade head
Weight: 85 grams
Thickness: 7mm
Plies: 5 (Limba-ayous-kiri-ayous-limba)
Rubbers used: Adidas P7, Dawei 388 Speed, Adidas Syntec Fast

The C300 is the thickest blade among any other C-series blades. The 7mm thickness provides substantial amount of power that it feels like a 7 ply blade when playing with it. I have to admit im biased with the C300 since Im an all wood blade lover. The limba and ayous plies provide good feel and control for the blade and kiri center ply provides good speed. This is for players who do not want to lose control in shifting to a this blade but having enough power and speed for their offensive shots. This is an offensive blade, a true OFF blade. It has a medium sweetspot but good enough for attacks. When I was looping with this blade it felt like I was using a clipper wood in a 5 ply blade which is lighter. Chinese rubbers are very much appreciated using this set up. Its liek this blade is built for close to the table attacks with control over the short game. I love doing drop shots, flicks and short pushes with the C300 because it was designed for players who wants to play in and out of the table while maintaining their touch and control over delicate strokes. Blocking and countering is very good with this rubber. I also suspect that this will be a good short pip blade but I havent had the chance to test it yet.

Recommended rubbers:
1. Adidas Tenzone regular
2. Adidas Tenzone SF
3. Adidas Syntec Fast


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