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Shoe stiga

Giá: 1.200.000 đ

 It is a very common misunderstanding that something must be either good looking OR smart. We want to say that there are things that are BOTH good looking and smart, our new shoe Master for example.The inner part in light grey[1] is not only good looking, it is also a padded and form shaped textile that will hold your foot in the right place all the time during play.The blue metallic stripes on the side, catch your eye[2]. But they are not only there to catch your eye, the stripes are placed there to give your foot stability in side-way movements.

On the outside of the toe[3] you will find Alumesh, a material that will help to evacuate moisture from the shoe.

The four alumesh parts also give an elegant touch to the shoes design.

Extra support on the inside of the toe part[4] provides comfort and durability.

The outer sole also has a specially designed pattern[5] that can be compared to a car tyre. This makes sure that you will have maximum grip in all directions. As a player you will know that grip is sometimes the difference between wining or loosing.

In the middle part of the outer sole we have put our “STIGA Shock Absorb Module”[6]. It has a special material that gives maximum support under the whole foot and softly absorbs vibrations that can hurt the foot. The “STIGA Shock Absorb Module” also links the front part with the back part of the shoe.

The heel part of the shoe has a modified pattern[7] to make sure that you will get maximum support on the special movement that can appear when you use the heel. It is also extra supported with material that absorbs the energy from your movements.

Make sure that you are as good looking and smart as possible, choose a shoe from STIGA.


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