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DHS gai C8 ( C 8 )

Giá: 150.000 đ

Hiện tại cửa hàng có 2 loại, có lót và không lót. thuốc dạng gai dài rất khó chịu. Không lót 150.000. Có lót 200.000


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Sản phẩm DHS gai C8 ( C 8 )

A good quality long pimple with decent allround abilities. Since it only comes in 1.0mm, the spin reversal is average for a grippy long pimple, but the control in blocking is excellent. Attack and hitting is also very good. Chopping works well with the right technique, and it will feel a little lively unless you've played with thicker sponge before. Control improves against faster loops as the stiffer pimples bend more.

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