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Optimize your game and enlarge your personal success factor! HEXER Duro is designed for all players who demand from their rubber strong spin and speed characteristics combined with very good durability. The 100% natural caoutchouc upper layer and the medium-hard sponge in HEXER technology give access to a very broad range of strokes: the sticky upper layer provides a prolonged ball contact time – thus the player leads the ball longer and experiences more control during passive as well as during active strokes.

The highly developed endurance enables a later change of rubbers which is comfortable and economic. This has made theAndro HEXER Duro earn the rating LONGLASTING PERFORMANCE.

Speed Spin Control
103 107 85


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Tối ưu hóa tốc độ và độ bám xoáy. Đặc biệt là mặt vợt làm từ 100% cao su tự nhiên nên cho độ bền cao (Có thể đánh giá là một ưu điểm của dòng này)

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